About Us

The Innsbrook Fishing Club has been established to enhance and promote fishing opportunities for families, friends, your guests and visitors to Innsbrook Resort.  This club is comprised of individuals who enjoy recreational fishing in the beautiful natural surroundings of Innsbrook.  This club was established in 2016 by a core group of dedicated fishermen.

We are an informal group of volunteers.  Our membership enjoys spending time on the ponds and lakes in pursue of various fish species.  Many of the lakes at Innsbrook have been stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and grass carp. Our purpose is to assist with the management of lakes to enhance fishing for a novice angler to the seasoned veteran.  We want to promote successful fishing opportunities to individuals, families, children and first time visitors.   Successful fishing can be defined in many ways such as size and weight of fish, number of fish caught, ease of catching, and ability to focus on a specific species.

Our group desires to proactively participate in the effective management of the lakes and ponds with IBK resources. Effective management involves understanding the diversity, size and density of the various fish species.  Each lake has a certain capacity to support fish populations.  This capacity is managed by establishing specific objectives for each lake; identify key issues to meet the objectives such as enhanced habitat, reducing fish densities, introducing new fish species, etc; and developing a plan of action.  The Fishing Club would help implement the plan of action with IBK representatives.

Our website has many resources to help enhance your fishing experience. Please share your stories, photos,  and fishing tips and techniques!